Federal Regulations

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions for Coverage (CfC) and Conditions for Participations (CoPs) for Long Term Care Facilities


AMDA Synopsis of Federal Regulations in the Nursing Facility: Implications for Attending Physicians and Medical Directors

An indispensable resource tool for medical directors and other long term care practitioners, the Synopsis of Federal Regulations contains summary charts emphasizing clinical requirements and interpretive guidelines for surveyors as published in the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) State Operations Manual. Although the surveyors are instructed to follow the requirements and to use the Interpretive Guidelines only as guidance, they will most likely follow the Interpretive Guidelines when deciding whether and to what extent facilities meet the intent of the requirements. The Synopsis also contains “Recommendations for Medical Directors and Attending Physicians”—AMDA’s suggestions for physician compliance and good quality long term medical care. (Updated Quarterly)

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State Regulations

State Responsibilities and Legal Authorization

Each division within the state is authorized to perform its responsibilities when a state law is passed by the Indiana General Assembly and signed by the Governor. You can view and print the state laws and rules authorizing state licensure surveys of comprehensive and residential long term care facilities, and intermediate facilities for the mentally retarded by clicking on the links below.

Please note that the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) section will take you to the IAC Title page of interest (in this case, all are Title 410). From the title page, select the article of interest. For example, the Residential Long Term Care facilities reference is 410 IAC 16.2, so 16.2 is the article you would choose. Because the articles on this web site are in Wordperfect format, we have decided to link to the title page and allow each person to open the individual articles of interest. Therefore, remember the article number of interest, and use the back button to return to this site.

Indiana State Laws and Rules


(i.e., law)

CODE (i.e., rule)

Comprehensive Long Term
Care Facilities

IC 16-28-1

410 IAC 16.2
see Rule 3.1
412 IAC

Residential Long Term
Care Facilities *

IC 16-28-1

410 IAC 16.2
see Rule 5

Intermediate Facilities for
the Mentally Retarded

IC 16-28-1

410 IAC 16.2
see Rule 7

* These are State Licensed facilities, there is no federal regulation for this facility type.