Local Professional Associations

Stephen A. Smith
Indiana Health Care Association
Indiana Ctr. for Assisted Living
One North Capitol, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone:  317-636-6406  317-636-6406
Fax: 877-298-3749

Indiana State Medical Association
322 Canal Walk
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3252
Phone:  800-257-4762  800-257-4762 or  317-261-2060  317-261-2060
Fax: 317-261-2076

Indiana Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
PO Box 68829
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0829
Phone:  317-733-2380  317-733-2380
Fax: 317-733-2385

Valorie Dunn
Phone:  219-866-3832  219-866-3832

Indiana Chapter of the American College of Physicians

Governor, Indiana Chapter
Robert M. Lubitz, MD, MPH, FACP
St. Vincent Hospital
2001 W. 86th Street, 3N
Indianapolis, IN 46260
E-mail: rmlubitz@stvincent.org

Shelly Symmes
Chapter Administrator
Ph:  317-261-2060  317-261-2060
Email: ssymmes@ismanet.org

Indiana Academy of Family Physicians
Chapter Executive: Kevin P Speer JD

Office Address:
Exec Vice Pres IN AFP
55 Monument Cir Ste 400
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2915
E-mail: iafp@in-afp.org
Web site: http://www.in-afp.org
Phone :  (317)237-4237  (317)237-4237
Fax: (317)237-4006